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What our customers are saying...

"I have had the PlzMayI setup for a couple of weeks now. It has already been useful in detecting and reporting HUNDREDS of random attacks against public servers inside the network."

"The device was tested on two networks. The first was a small network with two servers, two workstations, switch, and a router. The second was a medium size network with approximately 750 devices including multiple servers, switches, workstations, print servers, firewall, and router. The installation was straight forward, easy, and quick. Fast discovery (approximately 550 devices in less than 10 minutes)"

Is there any limit?
An education customer on a gigabyte loop is monitoring over 5500 interfaces and 36,000 monitoring points

PlzMayI Testimonials

Netricom, the Canada wide networking company, uses PlzMayI as part of their consulting agreements. Rob Sheridan, Director, Sales & Operations, says " We install a PlzMayI device in a customer's network to help assess network performance and then incorporate those results into our report. We find this tool invaluable in doing a professional job." Adds Sheridan, "Since we started using PlzMayI, our consulting and services business has increased substantially, as well as the sale of other networking products. We attribute that success to PlzMayI. Of course, we often recommend customers keep the unit to monitor their network. PlzMayI forms the integral part of one of our top marketing programs, and we have launched the product nationally."


Dan Beard , president of CNC, Frisco, Texas, chose SoftShadowSecurity's PlzMayI to provide network management services for his customers. Says Beard, "We specialize in network support and integration services. We were looking for products to use that would extend our services into network and security monitoring. After considering several products, we decided that SoftShadowSecurity's combined functions and ease of use provided everything we needed ... and at a price unparalleled in the industry. We find the built-in alerting and trouble ticketing particularly attractive. We are now monitoring multiple networks from our facility and both we and our customers can view the status and results from the dashboard. It's a win-win relationship."


Netricom provides infrastructure installation, consulting and networking equipment nationally to the Canadian Enterprise marketplace. With offices in 9 cities, and 240 employees, Netricom is one of Canada's largest providers of infrastructure expertise.